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Ice Cream Cakes Ice Cream Bombs Ice Cream Tarts

Confectioners are the professionals in artisanal ice cream production.

During your apprenticeship, you learned how to make various ice cream specialties so that you can pamper yourself. Milk ice cream, fruit ice cream, sorbet and parfait are just a few examples.

Ice cream specialties such as casatta, ice cream cakes ice cream bombs .....

These are particularly suitable as a cake alternative in summer

with conventional cakes for birthdays or celebrations

We manufacture our ice cream for you with love, creativity, technical know-how and high-quality raw materials.

With milk ice cream, the cream content is up to 20%.

For fruit ice cream / sorbet up to 40%

We have 23 varieties in the main shop and 12 varieties in our gelaterie vending cart to choose from.

We provide you with large scoops of ice cream with a size 40 scoop.

We have vegan ice cream in our range.

Ice drinks such as milkshakes, ice chocolate and iced coffee are available in both sales outlets. You can also enjoy our sundae plates with extra sauce, liqueur or fresh fruit

An ice cream menu with our ice cream cups - ice plates changes depending on the season, with seasonal offers and new ice cream creations, we want to surprise and pamper you

Whether classic or modern, creative, gourmet. You get our ice cream flavors in 500 ml cups or in the

4700 ml ice cream bowl

for at home or for gastronomy and as well as resellers

Gelateria mobile ice cream truck
top left in the picture
You can book our ice cream truck for your celebrations, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, company celebrations, events
This trolley is not only suitable for ice cream. We can also equip it for cakes, pies, or savory items such as wraps, snacks, finger food, cold drinks and coffee
Please contact us in good time at least
14 working days before booking
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