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Ein Beruf mit Geschmack
werde Teil des Team

Den Gaumen, den Kunden verwöhnen. Mit Kreativität, Fachkompetenz glänzen. Mit Freude an einer

Dienstleistung in einem Handwerksbetrieb arbeiten. Die Anerkennung, Wertschätzung durch den

Kunden erhalten.

Ist das etwas für Dich?

Dann bewerbe Dich gleich hier unten im Bewerbungsformular

Pamper the palate, the customer. Shine with creativity and expertise. Working with pleasure in a service in a craft business. The recognition and appreciation received from the customer.

Is that something for you?

Then apply right here below in the application form

We are a master craft business, founded in 2010, belong as a guild business to confectioners' guild in North Rhine-Westphalia. We are a recognized training company

Since 2010, the company has steadily grown in terms of its tasks and structure. With our café pastry shop in the city center of Datteln, a mobile sales branch (gelateria ice cream sales), as well as through events, catering, delivery business also for gastronomy and retail, our online shop.

Technical presentations such as

at the Salon de Chocolat in Cologne - pralines,

at the German Confectionery Association at the IBA 2018 - Sugar Artistry.


Become a part of the success!

Information on the apprenticeship:

For the year 2021, there will now be café sales trailers for our pastry shop

in Hohe Straße 17 D-45711 Datteln in North Rhine-Westphalia

assign the following positions.

The confectionery is very well known in Datteln and beyond the region.

Our patisserie baking school provides internal training for our employees.

Our team consists of sales with an online shop & sales for events with a sales trailer.

From the bakery - pastry shop - "warm production"

"Cold ice cream production - praline room"

Kitchen for cold and warm dishes


We are looking for a specialist or who would like to become one for each of these areas.

Please send your application to Ms. Bube in the administration.

Please apply in writing or by email to

Trainee M / F for specialist sales // for service // for the bakery

For sales , we are looking for specialist salespeople in the food trade - specializing in confectionery

(Alternatively specializing in bakery)

Sales manager with the appropriate qualification as a specialist salesperson

Part-time force for sales (For our gelateria sales trailer - ice cream)

We are looking for our café with 90 seats inside and about 30 outside seats

Service specialist M / F - restaurant specialist (system restaurateur)

Kitchen staff for breakfast, snacks and the lunch menu (120 hours per month)

happy to be a cook or housekeeper

Confectioner or master for the cake item - ice-cream pralines - pastry & oven work

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