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IBA 2018 Rene- Betty- Günther

Confectioners are the professionals for your special dream cake.

Café Pastry Pepper

Hohe Straße 17 in 45711 Datteln

Telephone sales: 02362 2767 or 01590 6534424

The team at the pastry shop will be happy to help!

Make an appointment for a consultation or order by email .:

We're here to help

We need a lead time of 2 business days for cakes from our standard range,

for custom-made products, wedding cakes, extras up to 7 business days.

The earlier the order is placed, the sooner we can accept your order. Here, too, there may be exceptions to the rule

In the further section of the text we try to provide you with information on the price-performance ratio. A price offer is always extra

A short guide, information for your order

Consultation appointments are part of the order. If no order is placed, we will charge a fee of € 25.00. This is due before each consultation and is then offset against the order.

You are welcome to try our cakes from our cake counter. There are no extra tastings

We deliver your order (wedding cake, birthday cake or other things to your location. Please give us a time window for your delivery date of several hours, at least 2 hours. Earliest - latest delivery times are important parameters for us. Please clarify cooling and storage options .

For the delivery we charge a cost of 0.80 per kilometer driven.

For a binding order, we charge a deposit of 50% of the cost estimate.

The remaining amount must be paid at the latest upon delivery. Payments can be made by direct transfer, Pay Pal, cash, credit card. If you are paying by credit card on site, please let us know in advance so that we can take the mobile payment device with us.

You will receive a proper invoice in good time based on the cost estimate.

Deviations from the cost estimate are possible, but never more than 20%.

We are always asked for prices. This is not that easy, as it is almost exclusively custom-made one-offs. The design, shape and height are also a calculation factor here.


We will try to provide you with an estimate of the costs:

You will receive a cost estimate from us by email

Small orders (birthday, baptism, etc.)

20 cm cake 5-6 cm high 10 portions from € 29.95 (base price)

20 cm cake 8-10 cm high more than 12 portions from € 60.00 (basic price)

26 cm cake 4-5 cm high 14 portions from € 41.30 (base price)

26 cm cake 8-10 cm high more than 16 portions from € 85 (basic price)

There is a surcharge for decoration costs

For photo printing on modeling fondant or chocolate transfer foil:

Single size A4 on fondant € 15, - on chocolate € 20, - (the colors of photo prints may differ slightly from the original). You can send us the file by stick or e-mail.

Writing tape (example: happy birthday / wedding) € 14.95

Flowers, roses small € 1.80 each, medium € 2.80, large € 3.60

Sheets each € 0.50

Poured bridal couple from isomalt sugar € 25, -, with bows plus decoration from € 35, -

Hand-modeled cake toppers (bridal couple) € 65, - Here, each figure is made according to agreement, individual hair color, choice of clothes, hairstyle

Multi-tier cake (wedding, other)

3 tiers straight (approx. 60 portions) from € 320.- including simple basic decoration

4 tiers straight (approx. 80 portions) from € 420, - including simple basic decoration

3-tier Topsy Curvy Cake - crooked (approx. 60-70 servings) from 425, - including simple basic decoration

4 tier Topsy Curvy cake - crooked (approx. 80-90 servings) from 525, - including simple basic decoration

Fillings : two fillings are usually sufficient, each additional filling for a surcharge

We offer you the following cream fillings:

Vanilla Cranberry Chocolate Nougat Brittle

Lemon raspberry passion fruit

Fillings with cream, boiled cream, other flavor on request

You can also choose between a chocolate or vanilla sponge cake base

The prices, information are only a guide.

We hope to be able to help you further with this.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

The Pfeffer confectionery team is happy to receive feedback

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